Job opening

Every cook, whether at home or in a professional kitchen, is looking for the right ingredients to create something special. Can you see yourself filling one of our job openings and adding the flavour of your talents to our extensive menu?

If you are interested, please send us your application and supporting documents by mail.


Demanding and supporting

We are investing in our employees because those who make demands also need to be willing to provide support. Making demands and providing support go hand in hand with regard to management and personnel development. Things like education and continued internal training are very important to us because the success of the company depends on what each individual can contribute to it.

The basis for our activities regarding continued training and education is a systematic analysis of our needs. Individual education concepts are developed together.

What we have to offer

We reward a high willingness to perform accordingly. Besides the financial aspects – money isn't everything after all – we also offer other things that make living and working at Hügli easier.

Hügli provides attractive options where working-time models are concerned. Options that enable employees to structure their working time more flexibly in consultation with their superiors and so improve the balance between their personal and professional lives. Working time is mapped across the entire company as annual working time. Employees and the company benefit from the flexibility that this creates.

The many other offerings, including an annual company party or the annual Hügli ski race, show that we are not solely focused on work.

We have the future in mind where our company pension scheme is concerned. This is where active support is provided both in regard to the pension fund as well as the option for converting salaries for which tax relief is available.

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